About our products



 All our candles are made from Soy wax that is USDA Kosher. That means no added chemicals for you to breath. 

The wicks used in the candles are 100% cotton with a vegetable wax coating. This makes them all natural with no added chemicals. 

Pick your favorite scent or, if giving it as a gift, their favorite scent.  The scents used all contain no Phthalates. This may limit our scent selection, but we want to make sure that our candles are safe for all.   Pick a color to compliment the setting the candle will be in or no color to have it an off white.  

All the containers have been bought from yard sales, fairs, thrift shops and wherever we find containers we think are interesting. This does mean they may have imperfections and scuffs. We think it adds character. If you want something special, email us and we'll start looking around for it. 

Wax Melts


If you like the smell of candles burning, but have small kids or animals and don't want the flame, try our Wax Melts. These are made from the same wax, scents and colors as our candles, but are made to melt in any electric wax warmer. You can also order multiple packs of different scents and put more than one scent in the warmer creating your own unique smell. 

These come in plastic containers containing six melts. All the melts in one container must be the same scent and color. 

Sugar Scrubs


Our sugars scrubs offer you a way to truly treat yourself and your skin to some TLC while providing a way to keep your skin healthy. The scrubs are made with sugar, coconut oil and the essential oil of your choice. We can also add some Vitamin E oil if you like. The result is a product that helps exfoliate the skin and provides a way to moisturize your skin. This combination is very healthy for your skin. Some areas where you can use the sugar scrub are your face, body and feet. Because of the health benefit of sugar scrubs, this product isn’t just for the ladies. Men also suffer from dry skin and a sugar scrub is one way to help relief the irritation of dry skin. 

The sugar scrub comes in an eight-ounce plastic jar, allowing you to use it with no worries in the shower, tub or simply leave by the sink to help moisturize and soften your hands after doing the dishes. Sugar scrub is like a paste and can be ordered using brown or white sugar, and as always with Saguaro Street Scents products, your choice of essential oil for fragrance.

Sugar Scrub Cubes


Our sugar scrub cubes offer the same healthy skin benefits as the sugar scrub with the bonus of soap. The sugar scrub cubes are made to be a single use, eliminating the need to take the container into the shower or tub and the soap brings the added benefit of cleansing the skin while exfoliating and moisturizing. The sugar scrub cubes made from sugar, shea butter soap, coconut oil, shea butter oil and essential oils. Like the sugar scrub, we can add Vitamin E oil for added skin benefits. 

Sugar scrub cubes offer you a small, cute way to clean, exfoliate and soften your skin. The soap used in the cubes will help avoid oil buildup in your drainpipes and on your skin. Sugar scrubs cubes can be made with white or brown sugar and your choice of essential oil fragrance or you can choose to have your cubes made with no scents and they work just as well. We offer sugar scrub cubes in 8-ounce jars. Our sugar scrub cubes are just another one of our fine products that provide some much-needed pampering for you with some great health benefits!

Bath Salts


Our bath salts are made with a combination of Epsom salt, either dead sea salt or pink Himalaya salt (or both), baking soda and essential oil of your choice. The final product is a wonderful way for you to enjoy a relaxing bath that has wonderful benefits for you and your skin.

Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate. Magnesium is a nutrient that helps your body produce its main source of energy. It also impacts at least 300 enzyme systems. Most people live a lifestyle where their consumption of this much needed nutrient has dropped about 60%. One thing that will help you is soaking in Epsom salt because your body will absorb the magnesium through the soak. 

In addition to the increase in magnesium absorption, soaking in our bath salts are great for stress relief, muscle aches, improving circulation and joint pain relief. Soaking in a magnesium-based salt bath may also provide some headache relief, speed up wound healing, improve sleep—this can be applied to children as well—aid in the relief from acne, eczema or other skin problems, provide relief from poison ivy or skin reactions and improve skin hydration.

We offer bath salts in a 16-ounce container and you can select the essential oil for fragrance.