Becky D., Phoenix AZ

 I received the sugar scrub, body butter, and candles as a gift in a cute, personalized basket. First of all, let me say that the scent of the essential oils has unreal staying power. Usually, scent fades with the day, not with these products!!! The sugar scrub exfoliated my skin while leaving it very soft. My skin was not dry or rough. Of course, I followed up with the body butter. It leaves your skin soft, but not at all greasy. As a stay at home mom, between dishes and handwashing, my hands dry out all the time. I use the body butter on my hands over night and every morning, I wake up to soft, supple skin. I use the body butter on my babies who have chronic eczema flare ups, and I have to say that they have yet to have any flare ups with the body butter!!!! 🙌🙌 The candles burn even and clean. I find that the scent is not too overpowering. I love the candles and always have one burning. The candles come in a personalized holders. I love wine and owls, so my holders are wine glasses with little owls! How awesome is it that I get to use the wine glasses after my candles are gone!? Saugaro Street Scents is, by far, the best! I cannot recommend them enough. 

Cathy H., Dover, DE

I was given the Sugar Scrub Cubes and a candle for Christmas. They came in a personalized basket and the candle was in a reusable container. Mine happened to be a small pitcher. Both were amazing! I burned the candle almost every night. The scent was wonderful and not too strong. It burned all the wax unlike most store bought candles and it lasted for about 2 months before it was gone. After I burned it down, I was able to wash the pitcher and I can use it now. The sugar scrub cubes also have a wonderful scent that stays all day. When I use them, they remove the dry skin and make my skin so soft that I don’t need lotion that day. The best thing is that the ingredients used are all natural. I will be ordering from Saguaro Street Scents and I highly recommend their products! 

Rebecca H., Dover, DE

I received a candle (in a really cute coffee mug that I can use later for drinks) and sugar scrub cubes as a gift in a personalized basket. Let me tell you, the sugar scrub is amazing! I have keratosis pilaris (small bumps on my upper arms) and when I use the scrub on my upper arms they are so smooth and the bumps are gone for several days! I also love using the scrub to exfoliate my face. My face feels so soft and hydrated after exfoliating. Definitely the best scrub I’ve ever used. I took the candle to my office to burn and everybody loved the scent! Every time I lit the candle there was always someone coming by who said they absolutely loved the scent and that they loved the idea of putting it in a container that you can use for something else. I will definitely be buying more from Saguaro Street Scents.

Sarah H., Dover DE

I received the sugar scrub cubes and a candle as a gift. the candle burns great and the scent isn't strong at all. The cubes are my favorite thing ever! One time specifically my face was very dry, I used it and there was a noticeable difference the next morning. I love these products very much